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What are the advantages of CAT6 network cables?
In the information age, the network has become indispensable in our lives. As an important carrier of network transmission, the network cable is also very important. There are many kinds of network cables on the market, such as Cat5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a, Cat 7 cables, Cat 8 cables, etc. Many people are confused when choosing network cables. What is the difference between these network cables? Today, the editor of Puketai network cable factory will introduce the advantages of cat6 network cables to you!

Cat6 network cable with a transmission bandwidth of 1000Mbps. Network cable manufacturers generally spray code “CAT6” on the outer skin during production and apply it to Gigabit networks. The performance is much higher than that of Category 5 twisted pair cables. Whether the quality of the network cable is good or not depends on 4 points: cable core, PVC jacket, crystal head, and transmission speed.cat6 Network lan Cable Custom-Made Manufacturer

  1. Wire core: Cat6 network cable is an eight-core twisted pair structure, and a cross frame visible to the naked eye to isolate interference between wire pairs is added, which can isolate four pairs of twisted pairs and rotate the angle with the change of length to maintain The relative position of the four pairs of twisted pairs reduces signal crosstalk and return loss during transmission, and the diameter of the six types of wires is also thicker. At present, the specifications generally used by regular network cable factories are 0.52mm/0.53mm/0.54mm/ There are 0.55mm/0.56mm/0.57mm, the signal transmission speed is faster, and the transmission frequency is as high as 250MHZ! 2. Outer sheath: The durable one is the best network cable. The outer sheath is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, and even the one with high requirements is low-smoke and halogen-free. It has certain wear resistance, oil resistance, and can improve the service life of the wire. The wire body is soft, At the same time, there are a variety of colors to choose from, brilliant colors, enriching life. The round wire can be used daily, and the flat wire can be easily drilled through the crack of the door, so you don’t have to worry about digging holes in the wall anymore!
  2. Crystal head: Good cat6 crystal head adopts three-prong chip contact with gold-plated treatment, which is resistant to wear and oxidation, and ensures long-term high-speed and stable signal transmission. It is also equipped with a dust-proof protective cover to protect the crystal head from external damage. Dust and moisture, prevent copper corrosion.
  3. Transmission speed: The transmission speed of a good Cat6 network cable is 91.2MB/s, which is equivalent to 500M-1000M broadband. With a Gigabit router, the signal will not attenuate, the download will be faster, the game will not be stuck, and the drama will be more smooth. cat6 Network lan Cable Custom-Made Manufacturer

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